Food 4 Wealth Review

Food For Wealth Review

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 Food 4 Wealth System

Nowadays, Americans all across the country are trying to find ways to rid their diets of pesticides, eat healthier, and save money. People have access to multitudes of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they are harboring chemicals that can be dangerous. Even those marked as organic can contain chemicals. Author Jonathan White has taken this into consideration and created the Food4Wealth System. White shows you how to grow organic vegetable gardens no matter the size of a person’s backyard.


Build Gardens From Scratch

The fundamental element of the system is starting your garden from soil and adding layers to it. White explains how to do this and even start on top of lawn you already have. Begin with newspapers. They are the first layer. Cover the newspapers with hay making layer two. Make the third layer by adding fertilizer. Once you have the fertilizer added, put more hay down. Last, add compost to make the last layer. You can use a frame made of wood for your garden and add the layers. The ecosystem that is created will require little maintenance. Per White, you can use your leftovers for compost and only work on your garden eight hours of the year.


Who Can Benefit from the Food4Wealth System?

The Food4Wealth System is a great route for people who want to grow organic vegetables themselves as well as people who want to save money. This system works for everyone, even if you live in an apartment. White states that you will not have to do heavy physical work, or even weed your garden. There is a section in the course that includes growing a surplus so you can sell your vegetables and earn money from your garden.


Training Methods

Included in the Food4Wealth System is an 80-page eBook, 60 minutes of video tutorials, and a project plan. The videos are titled as follows:

• Dimensions
• Composting
• Creating a Frame
• Maintenance
• What Goes in the Frame
• Seasons
• Putting Up A Climbing Frame for Peas and Beans
• Self-Seeding
• Adapting Your Existing Vegetable Garden
• Potato Beds
• Planting Out Your Plot
• Planting a Seedling
• Food 4 Wealth Fruit Farm
• Mini Food 4 Wealth Plot


The Food4Weatlh System features an eBook and videos that will teach you how to grow your own sustainable garden. It also teaches you how to profit from your garden. White assures you that you can grow your own organic garden and that it will be free of pests naturally and it can be grown anywhere. 


Pros of the System

The Food4Wealth System is simple and you can learn to grow your own garden even if you have never done so before. The price of the course is affordable, $39.97. If you are unhappy with the course, you have a 60-day money back guarantee. You will get your money back by filling out a refund form. The system helps encourage eating healthier diets and working with Mother Nature.


Cons of the System

For frames, White suggests using railway ties. This could work against you because a lot of railway ties have been treated chemically. For wooden frames, do not use wood that has been treated. White says that potatoes need to be separated from the rest of the vegetables, but he does not offer an explanation in to why.


Consumer Reviews

Reviews from consumers about the Food4Wealth system are positive. They say that the price is reasonable and that they love the guaranteed refund. The combination of the eBook and videos is another customer favorite. People who have followed the course exactly have had awesome results. They have a supply of vegetables that they can indulge in everyday. The greatest benefit appears to be the simplicity. You can do this without experience and have outstanding results.






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